Troubleshooting Windows Servers
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PostSubject: Stop 0xA or IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL   Tue Dec 23, 2008 12:23 pm

The Stop 0xA message indicates that a driver or the kernel attempted to access a memory location to which it did not have permission, or at a kernel interrupt request level (IRQL) that was too high. The kernel represents an IRQL as a number from 0 to 31, with higher numbers representing higher-priority interrupts. Normal thread execution is at the lowest priority: IRQL 0. This Stop error is typically caused by faulty or incompatible hardware or software.

Interpreting the Stop 0xA Message

This Stop message has four parameters, as listed below

Parameter Description

Parameter 1 Memory address that was improperly referenced
Parameter 2 IRQL that was required to access the memory
Parameter 3 • Type of access:
• 0x00000000 = read operation
• 0x00000001 = write operation
Parameter 4 Address of the instruction that attempted to reference memory specified.

If the last parameter is within the address range of a device driver used on your system, you can determine which device driver was running when the memory access occurred. You can typically determine the driver name by reading the line that begins with:
**Address 0xZZZZZZZZ has base at <address>- <driver name>

If the third parameter is the same as the first parameter, a special condition exists in which a system worker routine, carried out by a worker thread to handle background tasks known as work items, returned at a higher IRQL. In that case, some of the four parameters take on new meanings, as shown below.

Parameter Description
Parameter 1 Address of the worker routine
Parameter 2 Kernel IRQL
Parameter 3 Address of the worker routine
Parameter 4 Address of the work item

Troubleshooting the Stop 0xA Error

First, use the Event Viewer to review the System log for error events that identify the problem. The following sections list the most common sources for this Stop error and suggest some troubleshooting solutions.

Device driver issues

A Stop 0xA message might occur after you install a faulty or outdated device driver, system service, or firmware. If a Stop message lists a driver by name, and that driver has been recently replaced, use Device Manager to roll back the driver to correct the problem. If the device is not critical to the functionality of the system (for example, the CD-ROM driver), you can also uninstall or disable the driver.

Hardware issues

A Stop 0xA message might also be caused by failing or defective hardware. If a Stop message points to a category of devices (video or disk controller adapters, for example), try removing or replacing the hardware to determine if it is causing the problem.

Software compatibility issues

If you encounter a Stop 0xA message while upgrading to Windows Server 2003, the problem might be caused by an incompatible driver, system service, virus scanner, or backup. To avoid problems while upgrading, simplify your hardware configuration and remove all third-party device drivers and system services (including virus scanners) prior to running Setup. After you have successfully installed Windows Server 2003, contact the hardware manufacturer to obtain compatible updates.
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